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Partnership with our customers

ABC Corporation has long been a leader in health and safety training and consultation. For companies wishing to become “greener,” we also help with regulatory compliance, preparing environmental impact policies and helping you take other positive steps.

You get more when you work with ABC. You gain a partner with exceptional experience in the cleaning industry. They have been “down the road” and can clearly see “what’s coming around the corner.”

Our staff and chemists can help you find the specifically right products and machines you need.

ABC approaches old problems in a new way. We offer fresh, innovative solutions that work better than competing products and save money through increased efficiency and concentration. That’s what more than eighty-five years of constant innovation can do for you.

Environmental consulting

Building on our established expertise in safety training and consultation, we can help you in the formation of a comprehensive Ph.D. chemist, is unique in the state. Initially created to monitor the effectiveness of our cleaning products, we now additionally use it for environmental product analysis.

The ABC Corporation is a local company that knows how to keep things clean in Hawaii. We’ll help you find products that perform exactly the way you need them to.

We often consult with our business customers. We can perform safety and compliance audits. And, we can follow through with training, reliable service and support. It’s the ABC way.

Sometimes, you’ll have an unusual problem. That’s why we have our very own lab. It makes it easy to develop, adjust and produce a custom solution that works best for you.