Our Kuleana

Taking care of the most special
place on our planet

We love our island home

We believe that we all must do our part to keep the islands a special place to live.

Care and concern for the natural environment is an ingrained part of our culture and history. We, the owners, managers, and staff of ABC Corporation, share that concern.

We aggressively seek effective, technologically superior products that are environmentally sound. We make them available to our customers only after exhaustive evaluation of their validity and feasibility.


We scrupulously adhere to the letter and spirit of all environmental laws and regulations at the federal, state and county levels. This applies to the products we sell as well as the advice of training that we provide.


We operate our own business cleanly, paying attention to energy efficiency, source reduction, recycling and proper waste handling. This applies to our office, warehouse, manufacturing and distribution operations.


In our business, where some are all too quick to use words like “earth-safe,” “biodegradable,” etc. without justification, we make no false or misleading claims. We understand that our customers trust us, and we pledge to fulfill that trust.


Environmental action is a community affair. We participate in organizations and activities that embrace environmental issues.

We realize that practicing true environmental stewardship goes beyond supplying products. It means offering an array of services and voluntary efforts to help our customers and others to be environmentally responsible. Of course, it also extends to conducting our own business and contributing to the community on environmentally conscious ways.

Here are a few of our initiatives along those lines:

Container Recycling

For more than a decade, ABC Corporation has offered pickup and recycling of our containers at no charge – including 55-gal. drums and 15-gal. containers and pails. A new drum costs between $40 to $60. Re-using containers for the same product that they contained not only reduces the community’s waste burden, it also cuts our packaging costs and saves our customers money.

Environmentally Sound Packaging

In all our products, we work hard to reduce package volume and minimize waste. We utilize cardboard cartons for soaps and other products that are exclusively made of recycled paper. All of our laundry product packages and Aqua System chemical containers are recycled or reused.

Hawaii Recycling Association

ABC Corporation is a longtime member in good standing of the Hawaii Recycling Association. We fully participate in the organization’s activities and consciousness-raising.