Building Maintenance / Janitorial Products
Disinfectants Health Care
Equipment Housekeeping
Floor and Carpet Care Indoor Air Quality
Food Service Restroom Aids
HACCP - "Touch-less Systems" Stone Care & Wood Care
  Bacto Food Service Sanitizer
Citrus Fresh Non-Hospital Disinfectant Cleaner
Fresh and Clean II Disinfectant Cleaner, Kills HIV-1
Fresh Plus Kills Hepatitis B and HIV-1
  Glyco Mist Disinfectant/ Deodorizer
  Guardian Sanitation Program In Room Glass Sanitation for Hotels
  Lemon Fields II Neutral pH, Kills HIV-1
  One Step Disinfectant Spray, Kills TB and HIV-1
  Phenex N.S. Kills TB and HIV-1
  Quiet Please RTU Disinfectant, Kills TB and HIV-1
  3M & Akro Floor Matting  
  3M Pads & Accessories  
  Karcher Pressure Washers and Recycling Units
  NSS Floor Machines, Scrubbers, Wet Vacs
  Pacific Steamex Floor Machines, Wet Vacs
  Rubbermaid Products  
  Tornado Industrial Vacuums
  Windsor Extractors, Upright Vacs, Scrubbers, Wet Vacs
Floor and carpet care
  3M Floor & Carpet Care  
  Above Premium High Solids Low Maintenance Floor Finish
  Aqua Sheen Dust Mop Treatment
  Bare Knuckles Heavy Duty Stripper
  Caretaker Sanitizing Extraction/ Bonnet Cleaner
  Dri-Matic Dry Carpet Cleaning Compound
  First Defense Teflon Carpet Protector
  Flying Colors Concentrated Shampoo
  Fountainhead Extraction Concentrate
  Full Circle Bonnet Cleaner/ Protector
  Full Impact Odorless, Heavy Duty No Rinse Stripper
  Head Start Carpet Pre-Spray/ Traffic Lane
  High Noon High Speed System
  Iron Stone Multiple Floor Sealer/ Finish
  Mainstay Low Maintenance Finish
  Overdrive Spray Buff
  Pull Out/Spots Off Carpet Spotter
  Sundance Neutral Cleaner
  Timebuster No Scrub/ No Rinse Stripper
  Traction UL Rated Non-Slip Treatment
  3M Food Service Products  
  Disinfectants & Sanitizers  See Disinfectants above
  Drain Opener Liquid/ Powered
  Liquid & Granular Enzymes For Grease Traps
  Liquid Handwashing Compounds Liquid Detergent
  Oven Cleaners  
Pacific Blue Universal Cleaner in a Tub
  Powdered Handwashing Compounds XB-100, Pinky
  Pro-Link Crème Cleanser  
  Safe-T-Step & NAC UL Rated Slip Resistant Cleaner
  USDA Degreasers Quik, Brite Blue, Natural Gold, Nokomis, Deep Purple
HACCP - "Touch-less systems"
  Auto Clean Automatic Urinal Cleaning System
  Auto Faucet Automatic Sink Faucet
  Auto Flush Automatic Toilet and Urinal Flush Unit
  Freedom Hands Free Hand Soap Dispenser
  Wave N' Dry Hands Free Hand Towel Dispenser
Health care
  Antimicrobal / Antiseptic Hand Soaps  
  Bloodborne Pathogen Spill Kits
  Hospital Rated Disinfectants  See Disinfectants above
  Perineal  Wash, Ointment, Barrier and Cream
  Provon  Skin Care Products
  Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer
  Sharps Container Products
  Skin Lotions and Creams  
  #400 Insecticide
  Brite Boy Metal Polish
  Brooms & Brushes  
  Butcher's Command Center Chemical Dispensing System
  Complete RTU Systems Available  
  Control Lemon Oil Liquid, Aerosol
  Cream Cleanser Non-Abrasive Disinfectant Cleanser
  Crème Cote All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser
  Glass Window Cleaner Aerosol/ Liquid
  Gleam Silicone Furniture Polish
  Janitor's & Maid Carts  
Pacific Blue Universal Cleaner in a Tub
  Plastic Bottles & Sprayers  
  Stainless Steel Polishes  
  Trash Can Liners  
  Wet & Dust Mops  
Indoor air quality
  3M Air Filtration Units Portable Desk Top Units
  HEPA Rated Vacuum Cleaners Upright, Canister
  Non-VOC Cleaners Various
  Zontec Ozone Generators Non-chemical, Odor Control
Restroom Aids
  Air Freshener/ Odor Counteractants/ Enzymes
  Deodorant Blocks/ Screens
  Paper Products
  Mist-A-Way Non-Acid Bathroom Cleaner
  Porcelain Cleaner Mild Acid Cleaner
  Provon Hand Soap System
  Shooter Restorative Bowl Cleaner/ Mineral Ring Remover
Ultra-Silk Bulk Lotion Hand Soap
  Diamond Abrasives Marble/ Granite
  Impregnators Solvent/ Water Based
  Lithofin Stone Care Chemicals
  Polishing Compounds/ Maintainers/ Cleaners  
  Re-Finishing Equipment Hand-Held, Floor Machines
  Sanding Discs, Wood Accessories & Applicators
  Valspar International Wood Care Products
  VIC Industrial Complete Stone Care Equipment, Chemicals, and Accessories

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