The Third Generation
Like his father, Galvin Morisada began helping out at the plant when he was seven years old. Later, he attended college on the Mainland, and when he came home in 1986 he went to work for ABC Corporation.

Then, in June 1994, George Morisada passed away unexpectedly. The family's third generation had to take over the business earlier than anticipated. Gavin became president, and his sister Emily Kuraoka joined the company that same year.

The Morisada family in the early '90's: Meri-Mika and Jana, both physicians, Craig Kuraoka, George, Gavin and Liz Morisada


The new leadership has worked hard to build on the company's expertise and history.

Ties with Mainland manufacturers are stronger than ever. When Butcher's introduced its state of the art Command Center, for example, and when Gojo's Provon Medical Group began marketing its health care line, ABC was in the forefront of providing the latest technical information and support to its customers.

ABC's own manufacturing operation, which accounts for half of overall sales, has been 

Maui Branch: Pat Kusunoki, Mae Binas and Anthony Valle


streamlined. The new Hawaiian Soap Factory division continues the soap making operation that dates to the company's founding, and recently created Ultra White, an environmentally sound, concentrated premium detergent suitably tailored for Hawaii users.

Hilo Branch: Annette Gella-Toro, Danny Saragosa and Diane Marrotte


In the past few years, ABC Corporation has established full-size branch offices and warehouses on each major Neighbor Island - Kauai, Maui and Hilo - with expert sales and service capacity.



Kauai Branch: Randy Riggan and Dwayne Carveiro
Across the state, ABC Corporation is geared up to support housekeeping, janitorial and engineering departments, smoothly and efficiently providing "everything for the cleaning industries."

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