Hard Work Builds a Business


Heiichi Morisada handled everything in the soap-making business he started in 1933.  Working in a quonset hut on a back street in the mill town of Waipahu, he mixed barrels of lard to make powdered soap. He tended the machinery. He packaged the product in recycled, relabeled milk cans. Then he donned his best clothes and drove from house to house, town to town, peddling it under the name ABC Powdered Soap Factory.

Heiichi mixing soap (above) and 
going on the road (left), circa 1937.



He worked hard. The product was very good and service reliable. Eventually Heiichi, the son of Japanese immigrants who labored on the sugar plantations, expanded his staff to include three employees. A loyal network of customers developed, including homeowners and commercial laundries.
Heiichi's son George learned the business from the ground up.

Today the business Heiichi Morisada founded is called ABC Corporation.  Despite many changes, technological advances and growth, Heiichi would readily recognize his company. It's still a family-owned business.  Some of those early commercial customers are still customers.  ABC's sales reps, like Heiichi, still offer personal service and expertise - and still wear neckties.  Product quality is still paramount and ABC still treats clients as partners. 


And hard work is still basis of its success. A Morisada family portrait in the late '40s (left to right): Heiichi, second son of George, mother Aiko, sister Amy, grandmother Yabuki and auntie Katsumi

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